Wilgart is a hatshop and a cap workshop on Jægersborggade, in Copenhagen.

We love working with our hands to create a unique hat or cap. Wilgart is the last capmaker in Denmark!

Capmaker vs. Hatmaker

What is cap what is hat? Very often hats are confused with caps and vice versa. I often get to call a hat for a hat, a cap for a cap, but also allow a hat for a cap, and…

Live concert in the hatshop Wilgart

The Cap-Man jam One listener asked if we could make a capmaker solo on the sewing-machines and the steam iron. Chris Grey and the BlueSpand made it happen on a groovy track, where the craftsmen Silas & Tomas made their…

Handcrafted Danish Leathergoods

For Holding Up The Trousers is a one-man operation in Copenhagen, Denmark. Morten V. Kristensen handcrafts belts and suspenders from high quality materials. He carefully selects the suppliers for his products, so he can guarantee absolute supreme quality and durability.

Want to become the second capmaker in Scandinavia?

I don’t know if the buzz about Wilgart looking for a working partner has hit the internet yet? But now we want to make it official: We are looking for applicants that eventually could become partner in the company. Why…

New old style – The one piece crown

An old style comes to life Recently Wilgart has been looking into very old time classics of caps. One of the styles that came to mind was the very broad cloth caps, worn by men in the 1910s through the…

Special designed headwear for artist

Performance Art & Headwear For quite some time, Wilgart headwear have been collaborating with Japanese dancing and performing artist Mori Kiochiro. Many have admired his inspiring moves and futuristic shows. Recently the biggest national television broadcaster of Japan filmed him…

Wilgart is the last capmaker in the North. We love working with our hands to create something special and unique with our hands. A handcrafted cap – Made just for you!

Wilgart has a hatshop and a cap workshop in the popular shopping street Jægersborggade. Copenhagens most cosy area of Nørrebro. We also has a small batch capmaking factory on Bornholm, a rural Island of Denmark.

We sell sixpence, flatcaps, baseball caps, eightpieces, bakerboy hats, fedoras, sailorcaps, ballon caps and almost every kind of cap you can imagine. We honor the art of true craftsmanship with traditional methods of capmaking.

Fingers that are sewing a cap .gif

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