Wilgart is a hatshop and a cap workshop on Jægersborggade, in Copenhagen.

We love working with our hands to create a unique hat or cap. Wilgart is the last capmaker in Denmark!

Andersen & Berner

Nørrebro's hat & cap shop Some customers in our cap shop and ask in which shelves the hats are on? Our answer is that we are just cap makers and not also hatters. Read more about the difference between cap…

Wilgart x RHANDERS

Bornholm Capmaker & Randers Gloves Wilgart has started a collaboration with RHANDERS on a very special baseball cap. The cap is developed and crafted in collaboration with RHANDERS, who share our desire to promote premium Danish design and craftsmanship that…

Shaving & Beard Culture

Our perspective is that Danish men have forgotten the shaving culture. Many have disarmed this delightful tradition by making everyday shaving a practical act of duty. But in doing so, the man has lost the feeling of well-being before, during…

Handmade hats

Hats & caps should be cool As a backpacker, he fell in love with a fine cap and knocked hopefully on the door of the master behind the work. Since then, Silas Skram got the craftsmanship in his blood, and…

Capmaker vs. Hatmaker

What is a cap and what is a hat? Very often hats are confused with caps and vice versa. I often get to call a hat for a hat, a cap for a cap, but also allow a hat for…

Portrait of Silas Skram and Tomas Chovan

Handmade Danish Headwear "Denmark's last cap makers" is what is written on the black chalk board in front of Tomas Chovan and Silas Skram's shop on Jægersborggade. In the small shop, caps in all sorts of colours and materials are…

Wilgart is the last capmaker in the North. We love working with our hands to create something special and unique with our hands. A handcrafted cap – Made just for you!

Wilgart has a hatshop and a cap workshop in the popular shopping street Jægersborggade. Copenhagens most cosy area of Nørrebro. We also has a small batch capmaking factory on Bornholm, a rural Island of Denmark.

We sell sixpence, flatcaps, baseball caps, eightpieces, bakerboy hats, fedoras, sailorcaps, ballon caps and almost every kind of cap you can imagine. We honor the art of true craftsmanship with traditional methods of capmaking.

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