Brush your cap

Brush your cap

Here are tips and tricks on how to brush your cap. Brushing is a good way to clean your cap. By brushing, you avoid washing the fibres of the cap with water and soap, which can negatively affect colour or fabric.

But remember not to brush caps made from ex. loosely woven wool or silk. These fibres are not suitable for the wear and ripple of brushing.

Why brush the cap?

With the brush, you avoid the use of water and soap. The cap becomes free of dust and dirt, which is good because a dust-coated fabric and suede will just attract more dust and grime. However, use only the brush only if the material is suitable enough for brushing. For example, normal and loosely woven wool is not suitable for brushing. This will cause the wool to ripple and create pilling on the surface. If you are unsure whether the cap can be brushed then watch the video on cap brushing below.

Cap tools

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Read more about cleaning and cleaning the hat after choice of materials on the Washing & maintenance of caps page

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