Wilgart Flagship Store

Silas Gärtner from Wilgart Caps wearing a One-Piece-Crown cap he made for himself.

Address: Jægersborggade 10, 2200 Kbh. N.

Phone: +45 28148929

Open Hours: See in Google Maps / business


Handcrafted Danish Headwear
In this hatshop you will find a large selection of Wilgart Caps including, Flatcaps, Fitted, dad caps, Baseball caps, eithgpiece, one piece crown caps, Sixpence, Six ball headwear.  Here you can see the workshop on where handmade caps are made in Denmark.

Tibberup Høkeren

Address: Sct. Anna Gade 4A, 3000 Helsingør

Phone: +45 4917 0424

Open Hours: Tibberup Høkeren website


Tradition and honored craftsmanship.
Here you will find work wear clothing, classic styles, vintage brackets, old fashioned wood paint and brass door handles. Everything is manufactured at small independent craftsmen and family owned businesses. Wilgart included!

Soldalen Gårdbutik & Wilgart workshop sale

Address: Maegårdsvej 4, Olsker

Phone: +45 28148929

Open Hours: Only open for sale in the summer, typically from 1. May to 30. August.


The Small batch capmaking workshop sale
In a cosy farm shop next to the capmaking workshop in Soldalen you can find a collection of serveral different Wilgart caps and hats. Custom orders and giftcards are also available. Taste the local Schnaps, apple juice press, or buy our local leathercrafts and caps from Wilgart here in Soldalen. Handmade in Soldalen.

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