Suede leather cap

Suede leather cap

Suede leather has great patina properties, and a distinct look. We often use it for the brim or other details of the cap. We often use suede leather for the bill of the cap, or for details.

Material properties

Made from the underside of the animal skin. It is characterized by a rough, dry but soft surface and thus a matte appearance. Suede should be brushed regularly. It is characterized by a rough, dry but soft surface and thus a matte appearance. Suede should be brushed regularly.


  • Flexible
  • Strength
  • Durable


  • The colour is broken down by the sun’s rays, and caps are easy exposed to sunlight.
  • Sensitive to grease stains
  • Must be continuously treated to maintain grace and flexibility

A great way to maintain a leather cap is by brushing the suede. This will remove dust and grime from the surface. At the same time, the brush re-raises the natural fibers of the suede so that they stand out in the air rather than lie down. If you do not maintain the cap by brushing, the dust and grime will stick to the leather, and collect other dirt which makes the surface more greasy.

Washing a cap that has a fabric pull, but a suede brim, is difficult. Because the dye from suede usually infect on the fabric close to it, when getting wet. Be extra cautious and try not to get the suede brim wet at all.

If a stain is impossible to remove, using leather grease on a suede cap is the best method. The much darker tone of the entire leather surface, will camouflage many deep marks and stains on the cap.

Leather grease will transform the surface to a more oily look, than suede’s prior natural dusty and dry look. The suede cap will become more oiled and glossy, and the skin will no longer be characterized by the matte and dry look of new suede.

If necessary, test the treatment with leather grease before starting. It can’t be undone.

How to wash suede skin leather caps

  • Brush with a hard or medium hard brush to remove dried dirt and dust
  • Gently scrub with a damp cloth, make sure the colour does not rub off.
  • Allow the skin to air dry, not near a heat source
  • When it is dry use a stiff brush to recover the texture.

Never use soap.

Never place near a heat source.

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