Handmade hats

Hats & caps should be cool As a backpacker, he fell in love with a fine cap and knocked hopefully on the door of the master behind the work. Since then, Silas Skram got the craftsmanship in his blood, and…

Portrait of Silas Skram and Tomas Chovan

Handmade Danish Headwear "Denmark's last cap makers" is what is written on the black chalk board in front of Tomas Chovan and Silas Skram's shop on Jægersborggade. In the small shop, caps in all sorts of colours and materials are…

Handmade caps in Nørrebro

A cap maker creates all headgear that comes from cutting, typically in woven textiles, and manufacturing by sewing, ironing, etc. A hatter makes his goods in felt, and shapes it by steam, stretch and heat. In this way, the cap…

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