Silk headgear

Silk is one of the top fibres used for clothing. It has outstanding features and exclusive look, however more difficult to maintain. The fibers are made by silk caterpillars.

Material properties

Historically, silk was used primarily by the upper classes, and was considered to be a symbol of royalty.


  • Shiny and smooth
  • Dries fast
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Regulates heat
  • Long fibers


  • Reacts strong to sunlight
  • Stain sensitive
  • Low durability
  • Sweat will change its color

When cleaning a cap made from silk, there is always the option to hand it over to professional cleaning ex. Dry Clean. If you want to do it yourself, then use a special silk or wool soap, a mild detergent, and wash in lukewarm water.

Wilgart always recommends spot cleaning rather than soaking the entire cap in water. Gently dab with a lukewarm damp cloth and do not scrub the material to hard. If you have no option but full soaked washing, do it carefully.

A gentle way to succeed in the drying process lay the cap outside to naturally dry. In the winter let the cap dry laying on a towel somewhere not too close to a heat source.

How to wash silk headwear like flatcaps and drivers

  • Take a cleaning cloth
  • Hand wash the silk flatcap with a gentle silk or wool soap
  • Stuff cap with towel
  • Let the cap dry laying on a towel

Do not dry near a heating device.

It is not a good idea to brush silk caps. Moreover, machine washing is completely out of the question!

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