Basecap refferes to a baseballcap. Traditional ones have large brims and a button at the top. WILGART however is making them booth without a button, and also with smaller brims. Giving the classical basecap a modern look.

    • Semboa Aztec baseballcap

      • 100% Wool woven in Scotland
      • Shade of real leather
      • Quilted lining
      • Traditional Heritage
      • The cap is locally produced in Germany
      The hardest thing when sewing a handmade cap is to have the leather pulled well over the bill, which consists of modern fibers, and then sew the leathercovered bill directly into the center of the cap. This cap is made by cap makers with more than 30 years of experience in the graceful craft trade. All headgear from Wilgart's hat shop is fixed size, so that each cap proportionally fits your head. This basecap is sturdy, warm, soft and in real natural materials. You can safely put your trust in this hat, which can be worn by most.
    • Steward Basecap with lining

      • 50% Flax & 50% Wool
      • Leather on the cap's shade
      • Summer and autumn cap
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Cap was crafted in Germany
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann
      This baseball cap is dressy for both men and women. The light and airy linen, combined with the fine qualities of the wool, gives the cap good properties in terms of comfort and durability. It is locally produced by skilled craftsmen at Master Bullmann. The shade of the cap is made of real leather, and therefore achieves fine patina through many years of use. Give this hat in a gift to him or her who loves good craftsmanship, quality and headwear.
    • George Soulo Baseballcap

      • 100% Harris Tweed from Scotland
      • Antique leather brim
      • Signature detail in salmonskin leather
      • Lining of recycled cottonsheets
      • Cap with medium shadow
      • Handmade in Denmark
      • Danish design and production
      O.B.S. This model is 0.5 cm less deep than the rest of the caps we sell. Be aware that the cap is thus best suited if the caps you are trying on sit a little too far down, i.e. almost hit your ears.This baseball hat is sewn Wilgart's capworkshop at Nørrebro, Copenhagen. We have used the sturdy and well-known Harris Tweed wool, which is hand-woven on the Outer Hebrides in the north-west coast of Scotland. The cap shade is slightly smaller than that of traditional baseball caps, and also features the Wilgart design signature detail, the small triangle made from real salmon fishskin. The cap is equipped with upcycled cotton sheets from Copenhagen hotels. A very local sourced material. The leather strap that adjusts the size is made form local German cowhide, vegetable tanned from rhubarb extract.We recommend that you watch our film about washing and maintaining Wilgart's caps,especially the section about washing wool headwear and Harris Tweed.
    • Eddie Basecap w. Earflaps

      • 100% Harris Tweed Wool
      • Lambskin ear flaps
      • Quilted lining inside
      • High quality cap for winter
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This baseball cap comes with warm and soft ear flaps in real lambskin. The original Harris Tweed wool is hand woven on the Outer Hebrides according to old traditions of weaving. The cap is of the highest quality. It's the best winter hat you can imagine! A more beautiful basecap with lambskin and ear warmers to keep the cold at the door is not found on this earth. Guaranteed.Can be pre-ordered if you want a specific size we do not have in stock. Please call us ahead.
    • Kenny Woolen Baseball cap

      • 70% Wool, 20% Silk & 10% PA
      • 100% Moleskine cotton lining
      • A grey and black baseball cap
      • Different head sizes in centimeters measure
      The fine wool in combination with the real craftsmanship makes this piece of headgear a true cap dream. The baseball cap is meant to keep your head safe and warm for many years to come. This durable product should be usable for at least half a decade! Wool is suitable for both rainy days, and windy summer nights, as well as rougher weather conditions, such as snow or hailstones.The inside of this cap is covered with the lining of a massive soft moleskine cotton fabric. Handmade in Germany with honorable craftsmanship and empathy.
    • Vixen Basecap

      • 100% Woolen cloth
      • Supreme quilted lining
      • Veg. tanned Goatskin from Italy
      • Various sizes
      • Handmade in Soldalen, Bornholm
      This Baseball Cap is made by the last capmakers in Denmark, for whom the craft is a living and tangible way of living. Read about the distinction between capmaking and hatmaking here in our previous post: Capmaker vs. Hatmaker
    • Summer in Verona Baseball cap

      • 100% Linen
      • Cotton lining inside
      • Summer style Basecap
      • Size is fitted ranging from XS to XXL
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      This lightweight headgear is made of pure linen, and comes in all sizes from small to large.On the inside the baseball cap has a cotton lining, that can absorb moisture, while the outside is covered with linnen in a bright blue color.
    • Café Konrad Basecap

      • 100% Coffee Sack
      • 100% Cotton lining
      • Goat smooth black leather brim
      • A timeless classic black baseball cap
      • Green living, sustainable materials
      This baseball cap made from coffee sack fabric, is a true summer cap. The cosy look of the flax coffee bean sacks, makes it stand out in a casual way. Upcycling of outer fabric, and therefore minimum new production. Enjoy your Espresso with this cap on head!Please note: The pattern and colors available are always varying. Therefore expect a one-of-a-kind headwear.All caps are with a black smooth goatskin leatherbrim and cotton lining. Fitted for every size of head. From small to extra large cap sizes.
    • Chassis Mountain Baseball Cap

      • Wool fabric basecap
      • Supreme quilted lining
      • Goatskin Suede Moos from Italy
      • Various sizes
      • Handmade in Soldalen, Bornholm
      This Baseball Cap is handmade in Denmark, and has great durability. Unlike cotton and linen, is the wool keeping it's color and shape for many years to come. Many of our customers are having their basecap form us more than five years, and still loving to wear it. Read more about cap maintenance here
    • Lindy Spring natural white cap

      • 50% Cotton, 35% Modal & 15% Linen
      • Cotton lining inside
      • Summer style
      • Natures materials from inside to outside
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      This baseball cap comes in all size range from Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.On the inside the 4panel baseball cap has a cotton lining, that can absorb heat and sweat from your head.
    • Benny Black (The Everlasting Woolen Baseball Cap)

      • 100% Black Wool
      • 100% Moleskine cotton lining
      • Goat suede black leather shade
      • A timeless classic baseball cap in durable black wool
      • Different cap sizes by centimeter measurement
      The saturated black colored woolly cap will remain dark for many years to come. Wool is bleached only to a minimal extent by the sun's rays, compared to cotton or linen fabrics. This cap has been tested to remain black for more than 10 years. The fine suede on the shade is made of goatskin, and will eventually get a nice patina. The leather can withstand all weathers, and can advantageously be dyed with shoe polish after 3-5 years of use.The inside of this cap is covered with the lining of a massive soft moleskine cotton fabric. Handmade in Germany, by Master Bullmann.

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