New Products

New Products
Andersen & Berner

Nørrebro's hat & cap shop Some customers in our cap shop and ask in which shelves the hats are on? Our answer is that we are just cap makers and not also hatters. Read more about the difference between cap…

Shaving & Beard Culture

Our perspective is that Danish men have forgotten the shaving culture. Many have disarmed this delightful tradition by making everyday shaving a practical act of duty. But in doing so, the man has lost the feeling of well-being before, during…

Cleaning depends on the material of your hat. Proper washing depends on what material your cap is made of. Washing instructions for woolen caps are different from linen, cotton or leather flatcaps. Read more in our section under support, where…

Corporate gifts and crafts

Solid cap type If you want your business to radiate craftsmanship and quality, a cap from Wilgart can make sure that your company's values manifest themselves in apparel. If you want a guided tour of our workshop, a special headpiece…

Handcrafted Danish Leathergoods

For Holding Up The Trousers is a one-man operation in Copenhagen, Denmark. Morten V. Kristensen handcrafts belts and suspenders from high quality materials. He carefully selects the suppliers for his products, so he can guarantee absolute supreme quality and durability.

New old style – The one piece crown

An old style comes to life Recently Wilgart has been looking into very old time classics of caps. One of the styles that came to mind was the very broad cloth caps, worn by men in the 1910s through the…

Wilgart now offer giftcards

It just got easier to give a hat to someone you love. With the new Wilgart Giftcards, can the reciever choose whatever hat or cap amongst Wilgart's offerings. Order it to your mailbox now in our webshop: Giftcard

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