Fishskin cap

Fishskin cap

Fish skin is a residual material from the food industry. Wilgart use fish skin for small details in our cap design.

Material properties

Fish-skin is made from salmon and wolffish caught and tanned on Iceland. Offers a sustainable alterna-tive to exotic leathers. Fish skin is an excess material from food production.


  • Exclusive and unique
  • Refined look
  • Very durable
  • Flexible and soft


  • Reacts strongly to sunlight – bleaching and softening
  • Needs regular caretaking with ex. leathergrease

Salmon Skins and wolffish skins are an exclusive but also durable kind of leather. Each skin is unique which makes your cap truly individual. These details are quite resistant to wear and tear and can be cleaned with a damp cloth if needed.

Never use any detergents, also if you are cleaning the whole cap. Any soap can damage the colors of the fish skin. You can treat the fish skin cap detail like any other type of leather.

Treatment of fish leather

  • Never use any detergents
  • Cleaned with a damp cloth
  • You can treat the fish skin cap detail like any other type of leather.

Never dry near a heating device.

Never use soap.

Cap tools

Here you can see a small selection of cap tools and accessories that Wilgart offer.
Read more about cleaning and cleaning the hat after choice of materials on the Washing & maintenance of caps page

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