• Alfine raffia straw hat (nature)

      • 100% Raffia straw
      • Hand-braided
      • Natural look
      This fine summer hat in raffia straw provides good protection from the sun's rays. The natural and clean look will suit a beach or holiday hat. The bow that sits in the neck has a slightly feminim expression but can easily be exchanged by both men and women.
    • Trilby panama straw hat (nature)

      • Hand-braided in Ecuador
      • Real Panama Hat
      • Trilby look with narrow shade
      • String inside can be tied to neck strap
      • UV Protection 50+
      This panama hat in real hand-braided straw, is a stylish classic in the summer collection of headgear. Our hat shop in Copenhagen has several Panama hats, all braided from 100% real straw and not from the cheaper paper fibers. Real panama straw hats are more shape-stable, patinate better and are more robust. All our Panama hats are hand-braided.
    • Como cotton bucket hat

      • 100% Cotton
      • Olive green with black cotton lining
      • Rugged cotton canvas
      • Handmade by skilled cap makers in Germany
      A slightly oval-shaped bucket hat which follows the shape of the head, and has a minimal conical slope towards the top. The bucket hat is a classic for practical reasons, as it shades well against the sun. Through changing times, the bucket hat has belonged to a younger segment of wearers, has been taken up by various subcultures, but is today a cap / hat that everyone can enjoy. Here comes the bucket hat in a summery sturdy outdoor fabric, which is breathable and comfortable on the head. Protects well from the sun's rays by virtue of the wide shade, the powerful canvas, and the thin lining of the inside.
    • Kronos cotton canvas bucket hat

      • 100% cotton
      • Light beige color
      • Strong outer fabric
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Handmade in Germany by master Herr Bullmann
      A nice bucket hat, with a nice small shade all around it. It is handmade according to traditional cap-making methods, and made of durable cotton canvas. Can be bought in fixed dimensions in our hatshop in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
    • Arnes Panama hat (nature)

      • Hand-braided in Ecuador
      • Real Panama Hat
      • Supplied by the hatpersona Herr Saietz, an former big player in the Danish hatbusiness.
      Excellent summer hat in real straw for the hot and sunny days. Can be used for both formal and informal events. Light and airy hat with a not too large brim. The Panama hat from Wilgart is also available in white dyeing here.
    • Replaceable Hat ribbon

      • Interchangeable hat band
      • Change styling on your fedora
      • Mount without needle or thread
      With these hat bands you can change the color and style of your Wilgart Bogart black wool felt fedora hatPlease note: the hat on the pictures and the hat pins are not included when purchasing hat ribbons.
    • Bogart black rabbit felt fedora hat

      • 100% Rabbit hair felt
      • Black ribbon w. bow
      • Bornholm granite hat pin
      • Silk lining
      • Leather strap
      • Handmade in Denmark
      From the company Andersen & Berner comes here one of the classic men's (and women's) hats, namely a Fedora felt hat in rabbit hair, The weight for the felt is about 90-100 grams which gives a light but still stable felt, which stabilizes shape and shape. This hat comes with all the typical characteristics of a real Bogart hat. I.e. a clean cut edge, as well as classic black bow. The hat is handmade in Denmark.The hat comes including a beautiful hat pin with a piece of Bornholm granite. Choose from Almindingen, Paradise Hills or Rønne granite stone. Please sign order details what type of granite hat pin you want. If you want, you can buy Wilgart's own solid hat box which is also made in Denmark.Height: 11 - 12 cm Rim: 6 cm
    • Fedora black wool felt hat

      • 100% Wool felt
      • Interchangeable multicolored hat bands
      • Handmade in Denmark
      From the company Andersen & Berner comes here one of the classic men's (and women's) hats, namely a Fedora felt hat in sheep's wool. Sheep's wool felt is heavier than the slightly more obvious felt types such as rabbit or the even finer beaver felt. Nevertheless, wool felt costs less, and is therefore a good approach for beginners or people who are considering starting to wear a hat. The hat is handmade in Denmark and sold in our hat shop in Nørrebro.Choose the color of the hat band that comes with your order and write it in under order details. You can advantageously purchase several interchangeable hat bands, which are available in 6 different colors. In addition, we sell a nice black hat box that can be selected during gift wrapping, as well as garnish in the form of hat pins to decorate your hat with.Height: 11 - 12.5 cm Rim: 5.5 cm Weight: The wool felt has a weight of about 150 grams
    • Wilgart Hat Box

      • Fits almost any hats
      • Convenient hook & loop tape closure
      • Strap handle
      • The box is made in a social protected workplace
      • Handmade in Denmark
      This hat box can be purchased together with our selection in the hat store Wilgart of exquisite felt hats in wool, rabbit and beaver hair. It can be used for Bogart, Fedora or Pork Pie hats.The hat box is ideal for storing or transporting bridles.Note the hat is not included when buying the box!
    • Marie Bouclé Wool Beret

      • 100% Bouclé Wool
      • Béret / Basque Hat
      • Good volume for long hair
      • Handmade by Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This hat has roots in the typical Basque headdress, but without the normal pling-thing which sits on top. Read about the distinction between cap makers and hatters in our blogpostcapmaking vs. hatmaking.

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