• Coupe luxurious Cashmere basecap

      • Handmade in Denmark
      • 100% Cashmere wool
      • Peace silk / eco cotton lining
      • Soft and lightweight cap
      • Sewn on Bornholm and in Copenhagen
      • Good craftsmanship
      A luxurious baseball cap from the absolute top class materials. Handmade in our own capmaker and hatsshop in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. The fine, light and warming Cashmere wool fibers have a sheen and grace, which stands out in the subtle herringbone woven pattern. The navy blue and black color of the cap gives a glare as Cashmere wool shines slightly more than sheep's wool Inside is a thin black lining consisting of 50% Peace silk and 50% Organic cotton (GOTS certified). The cap has a neutral and stylish look and comes in fixed dimensions so that it fits your head perfectly. This basecap is among the most exclusive and luxurious caps we have ever sewn here at Wilgart's cap shop. The shop with handmade Danish headwear and accessories.
    • Bogart black rabbit felt fedora hat

      • 100% Rabbit hair felt
      • Black ribbon w. bow
      • Bornholm granite hat pin
      • Silk lining
      • Leather strap
      • Handmade in Denmark
      From the company Andersen & Berner comes here one of the classic men's (and women's) hats, namely a Fedora felt hat in rabbit hair, The weight for the felt is about 90-100 grams which gives a light but still stable felt, which stabilizes shape and shape. This hat comes with all the typical characteristics of a real Bogart hat. I.e. a clean cut edge, as well as classic black bow. The hat is handmade in Denmark. The hat comes including a beautiful hat pin with a piece of Bornholm granite. Choose from Almindingen, Paradise Hills or Rønne granite stone. Please sign order details what type of granite hat pin you want. If you want, you can buy Wilgart's own solid hat box which is also made in Denmark. Height: 11 - 12 cm Rim: 6 cm
    • Fedora black wool felt hat

      • 100% Wool felt
      • Interchangeable multicolored hat bands
      • Handmade in Denmark
      From the company Andersen & Berner comes here one of the classic men's (and women's) hats, namely a Fedora felt hat in sheep's wool. Sheep's wool felt is heavier than the slightly more obvious felt types such as rabbit or the even finer beaver felt. Nevertheless, wool felt costs less, and is therefore a good approach for beginners or people who are considering starting to wear a hat. The hat is handmade in Denmark and sold in our hat shop in Nørrebro. Choose the color of the hat band that comes with your order and write it in under order details. You can advantageously purchase several interchangeable hat bands, which are available in 6 different colors. In addition, we sell a nice black hat box that can be selected during gift wrapping, as well as garnish in the form of hat pins to decorate your hat with. Height: 11 - 12.5 cm Rim: 5.5 cm Weight: The wool felt has a weight of about 150 grams

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