• Caps for Sale – Children’s classic book

      Caps for sale is a timeless classic loved by millions worldwide... One of the most popular picture books ever published! The book is about A peddler who tries to sell his flatcaps caps but is prevented by a bunch of mischievous monkeys. The book is filled with warmth, humor and simplicity, and the story teaches children about problems and solutions. A really good gift for a real cap lover. Please notice that the book is written in English language. Caps for sale was published by Siberian-born author Esphyr Slobodkina in 1987. The book is stapled and contains 48 pages, alternating pictures and text.
    • Style remains – about clothes for men

      • Clothing art
      • Tricks and history
      • Book by Torsten Grunwald
      This book is in Danish. How to dress at work, in your spare time, for your birthday and fine dining? Clothing designer and men's fashion expert Torsten Grunwald guides on style, colours and fits, whether it's shorts and T-shirts, jeans and polo shirts or suits with ties. What colors can be put together, what patterns can be mixed, which shirt cut is best for the round belly, how should the jacket sit over the shoulders, which shoes for which attire? Style consists is a utility and handbook that broadly and systematically teaches men to use clothes correctly. Please note that the book is written in Danish language. Published by Torsten who is the editor of the blog: denvelklæ - Denmark's most important magazine about menswear
    • Hatter Magazine DMH Anniversary 2021 (Danish language)

      • The magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary. The magazine is in Danish language.
      • Published by the guild Danish millnay, capmaking & Hatmaking
      • 18 members
      • 32 Pages about Danish craftsmanship and headwear.
      The magazine is the essence of the development and status of Danish Millnars & Hatmakers at the beginning of the 21st century. See how a Danish handmade hat or cap is relevant, and get an understanding of the people who daily develop the headwear subjects towards success in a changing and unpredictable world. Denmark is rich in craftsmen and professionals in the hat industry, and here in the hat magazine you can meet them. All Danish craftsmen working with headwear in 2021 are represented. Can be picked up at our hat shop in Copenhagen or Bornholm and ordered online. The magazine about hats and caps is free. Journalists who have participated
      • Torsten Grunwald, editor of Sartorial Notes
      • Niels Fez, cultural writer at Politikken News
      • Jakob Bo Andersen, journalist at Copenhagen Craftsman Association

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