Opening new hatshop at Jægersborggade
Opening new hatshop at Jægersborggade
Hats & Caps in Copenhagen

Wilgart is opening our first independent Danish headwear shop, on one of the most exciting streets of Copenhagen. Jægersborggade, is a small street with old stunning buildings and a cosy vibe. Unlike any traditional shopping street, the store repertoire consist of entrepreneurs with strong concepts and of shop owners that embrace aesthetics and artisanship. Many of the stores offers visitors to see the production of the special items, typically made in the rear compartments of the small shops.


The street also houses some of the most exciting food offerings for instance the oatmeal bar, the handmade caramels and chocolate or the best instant made icecreams in town! Meals further include a Michelin starred organic restaurant, a vegan burger bar, and other restaurants serving laid-back quality food and wine from local farmers.


Many of the shop owners have built their own fortune through innovation. Ex. with special products like nitrogen ice cream, coffee grown mushrooms, paper-thin ceramics, re-made jewelry, and soon handcrafted Danish headwear, all made in Denmark. Wilgart is very proud and excited about this new expansion of our small batch capmaking company, and looking forward to showing locals and foreigners how local headwear is created in our first headwear shop in Copenhagen. The workshop and cap making process will be accessible for all visitors, through the back room of the hat shop. Also bring your broken but beloved headpieces, we do offer repairs of caps at a reasonable price.

Grand Opening

Wilgart is opening the shop Saturday the 25th of November 2018. Hope to see you there for a beer and a chat with other cap- and hatlovers.

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