Videos from Wilgart

Videos from Wilgart
Special designed headwear for artist

Performance Art & Headwear For quite some time, Wilgart headwear have been collaborating with Japanese dancing and performing artist Mori Kiochiro. Many have admired his inspiring moves and futuristic shows. Recently the biggest national television broadcaster of Japan filmed him…

Wilgart receives project funding

Great business development on Bornholm For some time now, Wilgart has been dreaming about turning our intermittent equipped basement business into a full functional cap-production facility, with all the professional tools, optimized for quality like the nature of Master Herr…

Wilgart intro videos

Dokumentary style Made in collaboration with Rasmus Preston is here a more refined uptake, with the shoots required to make a great documentary style video. (2015) Artistic style In collaboration with Meyer Li Productions is here the first outcome of…

Capmaking video – How to make a flatcap

See a cap go through the production line at Bullani Mützen. We made this video when Silas Gärtner was visiting the his master in capmaking and tailoring. See a classic sixpence flatcap from fabric to finished product. This is how…

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