Live concert in the hatshop Wilgart

The Cap-Man jam One listener asked if we could make a capmaker solo on the sewing-machines and the steam iron. Chris Grey and the BlueSpand made it happen on a groovy track, where the craftsmen Silas & Tomas made their…

Opening new hatshop at Jægersborggade

Hats & Caps in Copenhagen Wilgart is opening our first independent Danish headwear shop, on one of the most exciting streets of Copenhagen. Jægersborggade, is a small street with old stunning buildings and a cosy vibe. Unlike any traditional shopping…

Wilgart makes a stand-alone exhibition

With help from photographers Nicolai Egense, Martin Sørensen and Malte Pedersson has we made an exhibition of large canvas prints and craftsmanship tools for capmaking. Physical parts include material samples of wolffish and salmon, halfway finished Wilgart caps and some…

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