Handcrafted Danish Leathergoods
Handcrafted Danish Leathergoods
How do we find the right accessories to match our handcrafted danish caps?

We have been asking ourselves this question for some time, pondering about what in the world could accompany the look and durability of our hats. What in this universe could be just as hearty and rich of story as the Wilgart casquettes?

The answer was pressented from a friend of Silas. A freind in craftsmanship. A person who honors the true leather artisanship.
His inspiring work has given life to a new blooming product category, that will expand our business in Jægersborggade:

For Holding Up The Trousers

Morten in his workshop in Copenhagen

Also Made-to-Order

For Holding Up The Trousers can offer personalized leathergoods in roughly crafted hardwearing belts and suspenders, that will last a lifetime and only get more beautiful with wear. Get the right accessory that completes your outfit at For Holding Up The Trousers webpage.

To summarise:

See for yourself how Nick Johannessen writer at Well Dressed Dad describes his leather suspenders from Morten.

Below is a link to his review of the handmade suspenders, made with a special hook for his preference.

Read the review of For Holding Up The Trousers here

Foto: Boukje Kleinhout Photography, & Wilgart
Model: Silas Skram
Event: Jægersborggade Mixer 2019

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