Scarves & hats

Scarves & hats
    • Exclusive cashmere scarf

      • 100% Cashmere wool
      • Luxury fiber
      • Soft, warming and light
      • Made in Italy
      The classic and exclusive scarf made of wool from Kashmir goats. Length 200 cm Width 38 cm Weight 110 g
    • Ernest houndstooth scarf

      • 100% Wool
      • Woven by Abraham Moon
      • Warm and durable
      Find houndstooth woven English fabric that dresses and warms well around the neck. The scarf can be matched with the cap Edgar Houndstooth sixpence. Length 150 cm Width 20 cm Weight 64 g
    • Heavy wool beanie

      • 100% Merino wool
      • RWS certified wool
      • Knitted in Italy
      Strong wool top hat in wide rib knitwear of 100% RWS certified merino wool. Woolly soft and comfortable. Keeps your head warm on the cold winter days.
    • Wool scarf

      • 100% Merino wool
      • Sustainable RWS certified wool
      • Spun & Woven in Falerone, Italy
      Lovely warm and soft scarf made of 100% RWS certified merino wool. Anthracite dark gray wool color, which can be applied to most outfits. Responsible Wool Standard, is a certification that has initiatives in the areas of animal welfare &land health. The certification is ensured through inspection visits by third parties, and thus provides a high level of credibility. RWS requires that all links in the value chain are certified, from farmer to producer. Length 200 cm Width 30 cm Weight 233 g
    • Yak ox wool scarf

      • 100% Yakse wool from the Himalayas
      • Real craftsmanship
      • Wide herringbone pattern
      • Woven according to ancient traditions in Nepal
      The yak lives in the Himalayas, where the wool is collected by farmers, and spun and woven by the local residents. The scarf is created in collaboration with IKIGAAI, which helps local artisans in the area, and even has roots in the Himalayan area. The yak wool consists of long fibers and does not easily filter into balls (pilling). The wool is breathable and easy to clean because the wool does not absorb either odor or sweat. Therefore, it should not be washed very often. Available in various color combinations. Long and wide scarf: Length 190 cm Width 45 cm Weight 190 g
    • Beanie knit hat (fisherman style)

      • 100% wool
      • Ultra soft and comfortable
      • Produced by Tollegno 1900 yarn
      • Knitted specifically for Wilgart in Italy
      • Durable beanie
      Our knit headwear of 100% RWS certified merino wool is woolly and comfortable. Beanie hats are usually not something a cap maker deals with, which is why for the same reason we have not produced it ourselves. On the other hand, in collaboration with a local knitting company in Italy, we have produced this versatile and eternally relevant beanie top hat. The hat is available in different colors and has a double-fold edge. The fine rib knit gives the hat good elasticity, and the wool yarn guarantees maximum durability and comfort.
    • Luxury beanie cashmere wool

      • 100% Cashmere wool
      • Ultra soft and comfortable
      • Knitted for Wilgart in Italy
      Our beanie knitwear is made of 100% soft and light Cashmere wool. The fibers from the cashmere goats have extraordinary heating properties, and are significantly lighter than sheep wool. Wilgart has created the hat in collaboration with a local knitting company in Italy, which for generations has made good versatile and eternally relevant beanie top hats. The hat is available in several colors, and has single-folding edging. The coarse rib knit gives the hat distinctive character, and the cashmere wool guarantees maximum warmth, lightweight and comfort.

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