Dario retro eightpiece cap
Dario retro eightpiece cap


  • 100% airy wool fabric
  • Thin cotton lining
  • Vintage look
  • Handmade in Germany

Today Eightpiece caps are popular, and many people choose to wear them as part of their personal style. The blue summer eightpiece cap is a timeless classic that appears vintage in this 3D effect woven quality cloth. Stop by the Wilgart hat shop and try it for yourself.

We offer the following gift wrap options:

  • Wilgart storage box for caps

  • Cap gift box
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A retro blue summer eightpiece cap is a classic headdress with a rich history. Initially, this type of cap was worn by sailors and fishermen in the 19th century as a protection from the weather at sea. The cap later became part of the uniform of British soldiers during the First World War. The eightpiece cap is also worn by workers in many classic trades. The cap was cheaper than a real felt hat, and could withstand more at the dirty workshops, and factories.

In the 1920s, the cap became popular among sportspeople stars and became associated with sports of different kind. This trend continued into the 1950s and 1960s, when the cap became a symbol of youth and music culture, especially in jazz and rock and roll.


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