Wilgart intro videos
Wilgart intro videos
Young man holding a Wilgart cap in oilskin and salmonskin.
Dokumentary style

Made in collaboration with Rasmus Preston is here a more refined uptake, with the shoots required to make a great documentary style video. (2015)

Artistic style

In collaboration with Meyer Li Productions is here the first outcome of a series of videos recorded in the basement business of Wilgart. (2016)

Personal style

A very personal handheld introduction video, made for customers but also to encourage future collaborations and partners to take contact. (2013)


Short after building up the basement workshop, I made this short teaser. Back then the company was still called SIGAR Hats & Caps. (2013)

When surfing across the internet one would notice that introduction videos are getting major exposure and attention. We believe these videos are helpful to give a quick overview of the business and it’s activities.
This blog post explains our own attempts so far, from the very personal introduction video that is self recorded with a handheld camera, to the professional filmmaker collaborations that create a slightly more polished look. Some of our intro videos are artistic stylish while others are created as an authentic documentary about the company and it´s owner.

When not sewing and designing headwear for foreigners and locals in Copenhagen, we spend our time, trying to make this site about the only capmaker in Denmark unfold the full potential. And making video seems to be, by far, the most fun way to achieve your attention.

When we clarify to people that Wilgart is offering experiences and not products, they first looking suspiciously. However, as we further explain the adventures Wilgart so far encountered and the history about origin in materials and final designs it becomes clearer that the unique cap alone is actually only a materialization of a much larger history to be explored and continued. It turns out that the adventures about establishing Wilgart and the stories behind the handcrafted caps, are actually key to understand and appreciate the personality and value our quality hats and caps can offer.

When not talking to you in our workshop or in person, this website becomes the natural place to explain our story. The introduction video is a crucial element in accomplishing this, thus therefore has Wilgart done a lot of different videos trying to explain the story of our small company.

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