Handmade caps in Nørrebro
Handmade caps in Nørrebro
Denmark’s last Cap Maker
Der Mützenmacher aus Deutschland
Katz Hats
Cap maker: the profession has disappeared

The profession, which in its time was called ‘Hat and Cap maker’, no longer exists as education. A few milliners are still being trained, where there is a single apprenticeship that takes students, but after recent negotiations, it now seems that the millinery profession is also being abolished. Old crafts like these, bundle makers, cap makers, hat makers, and milliners are hard to find. Wilgart found that sewing caps required years of training, but that it was also fun and educational. If you want to know more about the profession and the practicing craftsmen, visit our guild’s website on the logo here.

Danish Milliners and Hattemakers

Photo 1 + 3: Daniel Rasmussen, Visit Copenhagen, 2019

Photo 2: Silas Skram, 2017

Podcast Music:
Trumpet: Rasmus Engel Jønsson
Rhodes piano & sound: Frederik Hellum Nielsen
Double bass: Kristian Luis Kjaersgaard

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