Wilgart makes a stand-alone exhibition
Wilgart makes a stand-alone exhibition
Craftsmanship exhibition at LOS

With help from photographers Nicolai Egense, Martin Sørensen and Malte Pedersson has we made an exhibition of large canvas prints and craftsmanship tools for capmaking. Physical parts include material samples of wolffish and salmon, halfway finished Wilgart caps and some special tools. The exhibition contains 12 large canvas prints and 19 medium sized print on PWC boards.
The exhibition has allready been shown in PFA Headquaters, KEA Guldbergsgade and LOS Café.
If you are interested in getting the exhibition to your place, please reffer to the contact section.

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Craftsmanship exhibition at LOS
Stamp your own visitcard at the exhibition of Wilgart Headwear
picture hanging at PFA art department
Product photos from the exhibition
Wilgart large canvas, pictures by Nicolai Egense
Caps and materials are part of the exhibition

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