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The Capmaker in Jægersborggade

Handmade Danish Headwear Since 2013, Danish men have been able to have their very own unique cap sewn by Silas Gärtner, who is the only Danish cap maker. The first few years were only by appointment, but since 2017 Wilgart,…

Hatters and Milliners in Copenhagen in 2019

Gentrification of Nørrebro forces hatter factory to relocate Hatter Stig Andersen from Nørrebro has been forced to move out of the premises that have been the home of the hat company Andersen & Berner since 1983. His friendly narrative about…

7 popular caps for the modern man

1. The Baseball Cap If we look at the history of the hat and headdress, the Baseball cap is the one you especially see at American sporting events, or as a marketing souvenir. The baseball cap has a wonderful history,…

New muscles and machines

Wilgart has been run as a sole proprietorship since 2013. Our start-up has been housed at one address and all communication and operations have gone through one person. But this is just a thing of the past as, at the…

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