Hatters and Milliners in Copenhagen in 2019
Hatters and Milliners in Copenhagen in 2019
Gentrification of Nørrebro forces hatter factory to relocate

Hatter Stig Andersen from Nørrebro has been forced to move out of the premises that have been the home of the hat company Andersen & Berner since 1983. His friendly narrative about materials and hat methods has made the unique hat workshop a natural gathering point for large and small players in the industry.

Stig Andersen from Andersen & Berner. Photo: Kristian Holm

The Hats & Feather Workshop at the Royal Danish Theatre
Hatteværkstedet på Det kongelige teater, 2019

Milliner Katrin Cecilia Jacobsen at the Royal Danish Theatre

Radio program about Milliner and Hatter
Susanne Juul, Foto: Politikken
New Milliner training
Frida Barfod, Foto: Katrine Estrup, 2019
Fashionable hat and cap in 2019

Blanche Fashionshow Copenhagen Fashion Week, 2019 dressed in a houndstooth woven bucket hat

Want to see more Danish craftsmanship on the catwalk?
The hat and cap are stronger than they were 20 years ago
Hatteblokke på Hatte og Fjerværkstedet på Det Kongelige Teater, 2019
Hatter gets international breakthrough on Kickstarter

Milliner and hatter Mathilde Førster opens new showroom

Mathilde Førster opens new showroom in 2019


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