Luxury shaving broom bog oak
Luxury shaving broom bog oak

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  • Bog oak
  • Chrome-plated metal
  • Solid luxury brush
  • Replaceable hair element
  • Synthetic Silvertip fibres

This elegant and beautiful shaving brush is a truely pleasing tool to use. The shaving broom is made of bog tree, which are oak trees that are naturally mired in huge marshlands many centuries ago. The tannins of the bog have kept the wood intact, and at the same time given it the characteristic dark color. Bog tree is a not inexhaustible resource and thus a relatively rare material.

We deliver the broom with the innovative synthetic variant Silvertip Fibres® for an even better shaving experience. Synthetic fibres ensure faster drying, last longer and are ethically soundly produced. If you want to try the broom with badger hair, you may want to buy the interchangeable brush part separately from another retailer of Mühle shaving gear.

Height: 110 mm
Width: 35 mm
Ring size: 21 mm (interchangeable)
Materials: Handles made of bog & chromed metal
Weight: 84g

in stock

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Very luxurious shaving broom made of bog tree and with interchangeable brush element. Comes with synthetic Silvertip fibers, or real badger hair.

Bog oak is not wood species per se, but comes from oak trees that sank into bogs many centuries ago. Meanwhile, the wood has undergone various processes of change under the water of the bog, which naturally preserves the tree. Bog oak has an expressive, dark color that develops due to tannins in the bog. Bog oak is thus tree trunks that today exist only to a very limited extent, which makes the material a real rarity. The color of the tree varies between brown, dark brown and black-brown.

The ‘Fine badger’ badger hair variant is softer than the class ‘pure badger’, but somewhat firmer than the ‘silvertip badger’. The hairs are light gray in color and have the dark stripe or ribbon that are typically badger hairs in high quality. At Wilgart, we do not sell badger hair for animal ethics reasons, and this broom therefore comes with Silvertip Fibre®. If you want hair from animals, you can look for the interchangeable brush for the shaving broom.

Silvertip Fibers® the variant is made without animal hair. The synthetic fibers are absolutely of the highest quality. The material characteristics should be compared with the normally animal silvertip badger. Most users even say that the synthetic Silvertip Fibers® actually provide better foam performance than the natural hair. Not least, the synthetic hair dries faster and are more firmly attached to the shaft.


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