Razor R89 – Open comb
Razor R89 – Open comb

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  • Classic & stylish razor
  • The shaving comb is open comb for an ultra-tight shave
  • The DE razor fits the classic razor blades
  • Also available in a slightly larger model Razor R89 – Grande Open comb

This razor is the classic and most widely used from the company Mühle Razurkultur. We offer this model as it is the most common and many like the small and handy scraper. However, we use the slightly larger model ourselves: Razor R89 – Grande w. Open comb Since we thought it rests just a little better in the hand. At Wilgart, large tools such as tailoring shears and sewing machine tools are standard, and our hands are best served by the ‘Grande’ model. If in doubt, order the one that’s a little bigger.

The model has an ‘open comb’ which provides close and aggressive shaving. If you are a first-time user of the traditional razors, we recommend choosing a razor with a closed comb to begin with. The razor blades are continuously replaced and the scraper should be disassembled and cleaned after use. Made of chromed metal. Shaving is a sustainable alternative to single use razor scrapers and this razor contains no plastic elements.

Width: 41 mm
Length: 94 mm
Weight: 70g

Out of stock

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Perfect for daily or weekly shaving, this traditional double-sided razor will last many years. Quality and design are minimalist and durable. The handle is made of chrome. Like everything else new, shaving with a DE razor requires a little practice. The skin also needs some time to get used to shaving according to old style and method.

The razor is an open comb and thus provides a more aggressive shave, see more about the difference between open and closed comb in the video below.


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