Kenny Woolen Baseball cap
Kenny Woolen Baseball cap


  • 70% Wool, 20% Silk & 10% PA
  • 100% Moleskine cotton lining
  • A grey and black baseball cap
  • Different head sizes in centimeters measure

The fine wool in combination with the real craftsmanship makes this piece of headgear a true cap dream. The baseball cap is meant to keep your head safe and warm for many years to come. This durable product should be usable for at least half a decade! Wool is suitable for both rainy days, and windy summer nights, as well as rougher weather conditions, such as snow or hailstones.

The inside of this cap is covered with the lining of a massive soft moleskine cotton fabric. Handmade in Germany with honorable craftsmanship and empathy.


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This baseball cap with lining is handmade by my German cap-making master, Herr Bullmann.

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