• Shari Silk Baseball Cap

      • 100% Silk
      • Light cotton lining
      • Exclusive fiber
      • Temperature regulating cap
      Extremely beautiful base cap in silk fabric, handmade in master's workshop in Germany. Graceful and luxurious baseball cap in an exclusive silk fiber. Read more about washing and maintaining silk caps here
    • La Semplice Vita

      • 100% Silk
      • Exclusive fiber
      • Lightweight cotton lining
      • Traditional craftsmanship
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      The fabric comes from an illustrious fabric weaving mill: Schürmann Schröder, which today is one of the oldest family companies in the German textile industry. This flatcap is quite narrow and is among the most modern flatcap designs that Master Bullmann has made in recent years. Bullani Mützen and Wilgart found that narrow sixpence caps are more fashionable in the current decade. Bullmann this narrow nice cap shape. In the past, sixpoence caps were a lot wider and had more volume, but today most people prefer this shape of the cap. My teacher Herr Bullmann always says that an artisanal and well-made piece of headgear sells itself without further introduction. Here is a cap in updated style and sewn according to old craft traditions, and which consists of 100% silk fabric. Happy summer!
    • Sailor Woody silk cap

      • 100% silk
      • Light cotton lining
      • Handmade in Germany
      • Exclusive material
      This fine sailorcap in pure silk is a stylish classic. The fine lightweight fabric and the slightly shiny silk give an exclusive look.
    • Kenneth Club baseball cap

      • 70% Wool, 20% Silk & 10% PES
      • Smooth leather on the shade
      • Soft moleskine cotton lining
      • Cap is made in various fixed-sizes
      • Artisanal handcrafted cap
      The dark weave with grey rivet detail gives the cap an almost black look, but is not pitch black like our model: Benny Black (The perpetual Baseballcap in black wool). The 20% silk fibres in the fabric gives the cap a light glossy look, which fits nicely with the shiny black leather shade. The moleskine cotton lining is soft and comfortable against the head, helping to keep warm, as well as keeping the shape of the cap. For tricks about washing and maintenance klick in under How to wash your cap. The fabric is from Schürmann Schröder, woven in Germany, of Italian yarns on one of the Germanys oldest weaving mills.
    • Kenny Woolen Baseball cap

      • 70% Wool, 20% Silk & 10% PA
      • 100% Moleskine cotton lining
      • A grey and black baseball cap
      • Different head sizes in centimeters measure
      The fine wool in combination with the real craftsmanship makes this piece of headgear a true cap dream. The baseball cap is meant to keep your head safe and warm for many years to come. This durable product should be usable for at least half a decade! Wool is suitable for both rainy days, and windy summer nights, as well as rougher weather conditions, such as snow or hailstones. The inside of this cap is covered with the lining of a massive soft moleskine cotton fabric. Handmade in Germany with honorable craftsmanship and empathy.
    • Starnight cap w. earflaps

      • 70% wool, 20% silk & 10% PES
      • Light shiny fabric but subdued pattern
      • The material is woven in Germany by Schürmann Schröder
      • Slightly wider shape
      • Soft moleskin cotton on the inside of flaps
      • Winter lined
      Our cap with inner ear flaps is slightly wider than most flatcaps in our hat shop. It takes a little extra to fit the ear flaps to fit properly inside the cap. In addition, the earlobes have an incision, which makes the fabric spherical, and ensures that the flaps are snug around your ears and close to head. This cap is sewn according to artisanal traditions, and therefore has the highest standard in comfort and durability. The dark sixpence with earlobes is sewn in our neighbouring country Germany by skilled cap makers with more than 30 years of experience.

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