Rick Mellow blue sixpence
Rick Mellow blue sixpence


  • 100% Wool from Gebrüder Mehler
  • Cotton linings (Moleskine)
  • Shade and strap in leather
  • Metal buckle on back
  • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany

A dark navy blue sixpence with metal buckle and leather detailing. The dark blue sixpence cap fits nicely with the warm brown color of the leather shade. Suitable for both men and women!

Please Note: Hat pin in last picture does not come with the cap, but can be purchased separately here: Bornholm granite hat needle


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Fine sixpence, handmade in Germany by my master Herr Bullmann. Lodenstof from Gebrüder Mehler Tuchfabrik. The dark navy blue wool is complimented by a warm brown leather shade and a decorative buckle on the backside of the cap.

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