Der funkelnde Stern
Der funkelnde Stern

800 DKK

  • 100% Harris Tweed wool, from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland
  • Earflaps on the inside
  • Moleskin cotton lining inside
  • Traditional craftsmanship

This flatcap has build in earflaps that are hidden inside the cap. The style has the traditional old-school shape of a flatcap. The cut has been in master Bullmann’s cap-production for over 30 years, without any change. And I can assure you we are likely not to change it, for the following 30 years. This style is ineradicable.

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This hat is handmade in Germany by Wilgart’s master Herr Bullmann.
The experienced capmakers is scarce and hard to find these days. Yet with this masterpiece from Herr Bullmann the quality and craftsmanship are preserved by using old practices and methods of the historical craft of headwear manufacturing.

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