• Alfine raffia straw hat (nature)

      • 100% Raffia straw
      • Hand-braided
      • Natural look
      This fine summer hat in raffia straw provides good protection from the sun's rays. The natural and clean look will suit a beach or holiday hat. The bow that sits in the neck has a slightly feminim expression but can easily be exchanged by both men and women.
    • Trilby panama straw hat (nature)

      • Hand-braided in Ecuador
      • Real Panama Hat
      • Trilby look with narrow shade
      • String inside can be tied to neck strap
      • UV Protection 50+
      This panama hat in real hand-braided straw, is a stylish classic in the summer collection of headgear. Our hat shop in Copenhagen has several Panama hats, all braided from 100% real straw and not from the cheaper paper fibers. Real panama straw hats are more shape-stable, patinate better and are more robust. All our Panama hats are hand-braided.
    • Arnes Panama hat (nature)

      • Hand-braided in Ecuador
      • Real Panama Hat
      • Supplied by the hatpersona Herr Saietz, an former big player in the Danish hatbusiness.
      Excellent summer hat in real straw for the hot and sunny days. Can be used for both formal and informal events. Light and airy hat with a not too large brim. The Panama hat from Wilgart is also available in white dyeing here.

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