Leather shade

Leather shade
    • Tonio Flam sixpence with leatherbrim

      • 100% Wool from Gebrüder Mehler
      • Cotton linings (Moleskine)
      • Shade and strap in leather
      • Metal buckle on back
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      Very fine hunting headwear with buckle and skin detail on the back. Warm and cozy cap for a walk through the forest or across the field. Suitable for both men and women!
    • Halfundo Summer Basecap Wool/Linen

      • 50% Flax & 50% Wool
      • Leather shade
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Light and airy summer cap
      • Made in Denmark
      • Solid craftsmanship
      This baseball cap is dressy for both men and women. The light and airy linen, combined with the fine qualities of the wool, gives the cap good properties in terms of comfort and durability. It is locally produced by skilled craftsmen in Wilgart's own cap shop/workshop. The fabric used in the cap comes from one of Germany's oldest weaving mills, Schürmann Schröder. The weaving mill is run as a family business on the 18th generation, and continues all production in Germany. The shade of the cap is made of real leather, and therefore achieves fine patina through many years of use. Give this cap as a gift to him or her who loves a light and stylish cap - Made in Denmark.
    • Karla strong baseball cap

      • 100% Wool
      • Leather shade
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Light loaf fabric
      • Made here in Denmark
      • Solid craftsmanship
      This baseball cap is made of a light and fine wool fabric called leicht loden. The wool is good both summer and winter, and as specialized cap makers, it is our experience that the wool is the best material for use in headwear. Especially because wool does not bleach as easily as cotton or linen, for example, from the sun's rays. That is why we often use wool in the dark caps, even if they are for summer use. This dark and rich blue baseball cap with brown brim is locally produced by skilled craftsmen in Denmark. The dark navy blue wool is complimented by a warm brown leather shade giving a balanced, light and stylish cap - Made in Denmark.
    • Jason leather flatcap

      • 100% ultra soft goat leather
      • High quality craftsmanship
      • Cotton linings
      • Sewn in Germany
      This leather sixpence is made of very smooth and soft genuine leather, which over time will patinate beautiful. The subtle dark brown glossy surface, and the good quality of leather, are beautifully combined in this leather cap. A classic wide flatcap in brown leather, which will keep good shape, and be usable for many years to come. The treatment of skins is described in more detail in our section on Washing & Maintenance of caps. Get the cap sent to you by mail order, or look into our well-stocked hat shop in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.
    • Bonn Leather Sixpiece Cap

      • Antique leather finish
      • Cotton lining
      • Handmade by traditional cap maker
      This flatcap is in 100% leather. The goatskin is tanned in Italy, and during the process received an antique finish. The leather cap has a slightly patinated appearance and over time will only become more beautiful. A sixpence leather cap in fixed size by head measure in centimeters. Can be worn by both men and women.
    • Stanley Aztec flatcap with leather shade

      • 100% Wool
      • Leather shade
      • Vated quality before
      • Leather strap detail and buckle at the back
      • The fabric is woven in Scotland
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      Sixpence in brown shades of wool. The shade is made of leather from goat, and the cap has a decorative leather strap in the neck, which, however, cannot be adjusted. Fine details, and the earthy colours of the cap make it an obvious choice for a nature lover. The Scottish woven wool fabric is in a new and modern Aztec inspired weaving. The fabric is 100% wool, and is fibre dyed, spun and woven in Scotland by skilled people from the otherwise bygone textile weaver industry. We are happy to work with local weavers who ensure good working conditions, fair pay, consideration for nature, and who can provide stable supplies of high-quality fabric.
    • Mr. Brando vintage cap

      • 100% heavy cotton canvas
      • Smooth goatskin leather shade
      • Ribbon and button details
      • Top quality cap
      • Black version of Marlon Brando cap
      A motorcycle cap in cotton canvas and leather made in classic retro style. Made from high-quality natural materials such as sturdy canvas, leather vesir, cotton lining and cotton sweatband. It has a decorative ribbon over the shade and 2 decorative buttons. A good choice together with a retro motorcycle, but can also be used in the harbour, in the workshop or on the hay loft. This black vintage black eightpiece cap is available in fixed sizes from large to small centimeters. The cap has a loose hanging puld, which can be pushed from side to side, as well as stand directly up in the air. The cap is inspired by our beige/black Marlon Brando Cap. With 8/4 pieces of fabric, a large button on top, and a black shiny glossy leather shade, made with canvas cotton bands and buttons on the side. Beautiful old craft. This wide eightpiece is durable and robust. The Sahara colored Marlon Brando cap was the original signature headgear in the film 'The Wild One'. See the cap in beige canvas here: Marlon Brando Cap

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