• Wallet

      • Timeless & modern design
      • Credit cards, notes & coins
      • Exciting experience folding your wallet
      • Delivered flatpacked
      The minimalist wallet has two openings that can handle cards, banknotes and even coins. Keep your most used cards at your fingertips and a multifunctional pocket for multiple cards, notes or coins. Access the coins by letting them slide out the back opening. As an additional design feature, the wallet is flat-packed, so you must "assemble/fold" your wallet before you can use it. However, this is quick and easy, and gives a good feel around your new credit card holder. It is designed in Denmark, and unites good leather craftsmanship with origami. The wallet is made from the finest vegetable-tanned leather in Portugal. The flat round AUTO buttons are sturdy and keep your belongings securely preserved. All edges of the leather are sanded and treated to increase wear resistance and comfort. Size: 10 x 7 cm Handmade by Lemur Design
    • Key holder

      Made from a single piece of high-quality vegetable tanned leather. KEYFOLDER can hold all your keys, organized in two separate stacks. Its size fits your hand and is comfortable when using the keys. The folding function means that keys do not scratch or damage the interior of your pocket. So you don't get holes in your pocket like when using a loose key bundle. The screws have a diameter of about 3 mm, which fits the most common keys. Can hold up to 8 keys depending on their thickness. (Display colors may vary from actual colors)

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