Artichoke green

Artichoke green
    • Credit card wallet of recycled leather

      • New material from residue leather
      • Credit cards, notes & coins
      • Exciting experience folding your wallet
      • Delivered flatpacked
      Handmade in Portugal from vegetable tanned leather residues from other production, which is transformed into a new strong and flexible material. The creditcard wallet is thus made of recycled residual material also called 'bonded leather'. With its two openings, this sustainable wallet can handle cards, notes and even coins. Access the coins by letting them slide out the back opening. As an additional design feature, the wallet is flat-packed, so you must "assemble/fold" your wallet before you can use it. However, this is quick and easy, and gives a good feel around your new credit card holder. The flat round AUTO buttons are sturdy and keep your belongings securely preserved. Recycled leather has increased durability and is easy to clean. Size: 10 x 7 cm Handmade by Lemur Design

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