Hat & cap stretcher
Hat & cap stretcher


  • Hats & cap expander
  • Fits most headgear
  • Pine wood and aluminum

Avoid headaches over small headwear with this smart cap stretching tool. Most materials that the caps are made of tend to shrink, even if it is just a small smuggle it can cause head pain. Therefore, this hat strecher is an excellent tool that allows you to get the perfect fit and comfort for your cap, at your home.

NOTE Be careful not to tighten the screw too hard. Many woven materials cannot withstand too much stretch. Therefore, remember that the hat extension tool is far stronger than the hat material.

We offer the following gift wrap options:

  • Wilgart storage box for caps

  • Cap gift box
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If your hat or cap is too small, you can often stretch it up one size. With this hat expander you can easily do it at home and thus avoid tight caps and hats. The wrong fit for a cap can cause headaches and discomfort. Sometimes it can be beneficial to stretch the cap slightly to its original size, especially if it has shrunk after long periods of laborious use.

To stretch your headgear, insert the tool into the sweatband and screw on the metal handle in the center of the tool. The hat enlarger can also be used when you are not using the hat to preserve the size of the hat by preventing shrinkage. Most materials such as wool, linen and cotton slowly shrink slightly when affected by heat, high humidity and physical activity.


Small (53 cm – 59 cm), Large (56 cm – 66 cm)


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