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    All heads are different

    What is the persons headsize, and style?

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    Already hat owner

    If the person wear hats, you can find the size in those?

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    Alternative style

    Order a giftcard, and let the person choose their own personal style?


Giving headwear as a gift can be challanging because you need the recievers headsize in order to find the right fit. There are serveral options to sneak the size out of them even without them noticing. If a cap does not fit, there is of cource the opportunity to switch. A giftcard makes the reciever able to customize themselves what hat and size that is appreciated. The following list answers what you need to know when giving headwear as a gift.

Yes. Wilgart strongly recommend you to find out about size before ordering. Not only does the cap look better on the head, it is also a lot more comfortable to wear a perfect fitted cap.

There are several ways to find the size without anyone noticing. Those include looking into already owned headwear, asking for permission to measure head by using excuses like a customer survey you need to meassure, or because you are checking if headsize is connected to brain activity like they used to believe in the old days. Ultimately you can chose to give a gift card instead, and let the receiver decide which style fits him or her best. You could tell us some prefference about the reciever, and we can attach up to 5 different fabric samples to the card. Making it possible to create a very personal giftcard. The reciever can on a customized cap select fabric, size, shape and printing a name inside the cap label.

Giftcard in an envelope. Stamp with logo and name: Wilgart

A giftcard from Wilgart enables to buy any of wilgarts offerings including the caps offered in the customizer here on the page.
Expected deliverytime for a giftcard is 1-5 days.
Expected deliverytime for a custom made-on-demand cap is 2-4 weeks.

If you want to order a giftcard. Please send us the following information to hello(a)

  • Name of reciever
  • Adress to ship it to
  • The value

The reciever can then chose to buy anything from our shop. If the value of the cap is lower than the value of the giftcard, we will give the excess money to the person in cash. This way, the eventual surplus can be used on one of the nearby cafés or for a little something to eat in the cosy street of Jægersborggade.

Questeions? Contact us here

One way would be to look inside the label of already present headwear. If it comes from a reasonable cap manufacturer, the exact size should be on the label inside. As most companies are producing one-size fits all, chances are that the cap would be somewhere between M or M/L.
If the cap has adjustable sizing a better way is to measure the perimeter because the wearer would have it adjusted to the size that feels comfortable. Use measure tape or a piece of string and measure circumference inside close to the edge of the cap. After measuring with a string, you simply check the length using a ruler or other straight measure. Use measurement in centimeters for a more accurate fit.

Some Wilgart models offers two different depths of the cap. This is an artisan service to meet the needs for better fitting on the very different variation of head shape and size.
The best way to find out about the need is to ask. “Have you ever felt that caps are not fitting well on your head?” Alternatively, if you get the chance, then throw a cap on the persons head, and ask how it feels wearing? Most normal baseball caps and one-size caps have regular fit, thus not empathizes people that have their ears higher placed on the head, making the ears irritating while wearing the regular depth caps.
It is worth noticing that some caps are always minor depth, ex. most sixpences and flat caps are. See more in the description on each cap on the page. More about minor depth read the fact box here: How do I measure my head size?

Head sizes should get properly measured on two axis to precisely predict the best capsize.
The roundabout size and the depth of the cap. Here is how to measure booth.

How to measure circumference

Take a measuring tape and place it around the circumference of the head, slightly above the ears, which is right about the place where your cap normally will sit. Hold the tape fairly close to the head, yet not aggressively tight. Measure your head and then compare the measurement with the table below to find your head size.

The job made easier if you can recruit the neighbor or a friendly fellow to take the measurements for you. If none is available, use a mirror and measure several times to ensure accuracy.

If you do not have a tape measure, you could use a piece of string to measure around your head and then check the length using a ruler or other measure. Use measurement in centimeters for a more accurate fit.


First questions is have you ever felt that the caps you wore till this day have been laying on your ears, possibly making the ears feel uncomfortable?

Next, keep your head straight forward, and wrap the measuring tape vertically from the top of your earflap over to the other top, directly accross your head. Measure several times to ensure accuracy. See the chart below to find out which depth you need.
This meassurement can be a bit tricky, please contact us if you are in doubt about the outcome?

Notice that we recommend customers to think about how their own experiences with cap fit has been. If you have encountered problematic fit with other baseball caps from the major companies, it can be so that a minor depth cap from Wilgart will fit you better. And make you feel more comfortable than ever.

Please contact us if you need further help with measuring and size charts.

If the cap is pressing down or irritating your ears?

The depth of Wilgart caps are different to make sure the cap does not intersect with the ears, making the cap uncomfortable for some hat-heads to wear. Most caps are sold as one size, but at Wilgart we make a prestige in having two different depths available to our customers. The size: Minor depth size is special made for those people who often have trouble finding the right fit with regular caps. After 7 years in the business, I would say rule of thumb is this count for 15-20% of my customers.
For those of you not able to visit one of our retailers, that will assist you in finding your personal head fit, it is important to make the measure yourself to find out if you are in the special zone of capbeareres that need the minor depth fitting.