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Sailor Sixten (distressed leather)

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  • 100% Leather

  • Supreme lining
  • Antique italian leather finish
  • Micro velcro adjustable
  • Various sizes
  • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany

The porous look of this sailorcap makes it stand out. Yet the look is deceiving, beacause the Italian tanned leather is not fragile after all. It is durable and will last for many years to come.

On the inside the cap has a sparkling red color, with black stipes. The fabric is a quality lining from Wilgart.

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small, medium, large

Adjustable setup

This cap is handmade in Germany by my master Herr Bullmann.
He is the one who tought Wilgart how to make headwear, and is the only capmaker left in his region. Master Bullmann has been in the business of capmaking for over 30 years, and holds exclussive knowhow and expirience in headwear making from selecting materials to workflows and best practice craftsmanship. Wilgart is working in close collaboration with Bullani Mützen.


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