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Midnight goldrain

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  • Wilgart special shaped frontlabel
  • 100% new wool
  • Premium quilted lining inside
  • Handcrafted Salmonskin detail and button
  • Adjustable leather strap
  • Leather is branded with the former company name
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Handmade in Denmark


This Wilgart hat has been burnmarked by hand with the old name of the company. The company changed name in 2016 which makes this cap a historical piece of the development of Wilgart headwear.

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Main fabric




Adjustable setup

This cap is handmade in Denmark by Silas Gärtner.
Wilgart is started after a rootless travel where Silas was hitchhicking through Europe with only a backpack and his skateboard. In southern Germany Silas by a coinsidence meets this bold capmaker, Herr Bullmann and starts an appretienceship at his workshop. Herr Bullmann thought Silas a lot of stuff, but they still sometimes struggle with the acceptance of more contemporary looks. Like this cap for example. Bullani would say: “Who in the world would wear such a hat?!” Proposing to chose a more traditional fabric like ex. the HarrisTweed wool from Scotland.