Handcrafted Danish Leathergoods

By Silas Skram the 11. November 2019

First brand we pressent in this new category is this:

Morten in his workshop in Copenhagen

Leather braces
Also Made-to-Order

For Holding Up The Trousers can offer personalized leathergoods in roughly crafted hardwearing belts and suspenders, that will last a lifetime and only get more beautiful with wear. Get the right accessory that completes your outfit at For Holding Up The Trousers webpage.

To summarise:

See for yourself how Nick Johannessen writer at Well Dressed Dad describes his leather suspenders from Morten.

Below is a link to his review of the handmade suspenders, made with a special hook for his preference.

Read the review of For Holding Up The Trousers here

Foto: Boukje Kleinhout Photography, & Wilgart
Model: Silas Skram
Event: Jægersborggade Mixer 2019

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