Tonio Flam sixpence with leatherbrim
Tonio Flam sixpence with leatherbrim


  • 100% Wool from Gebrüder Mehler
  • Cotton linings (Moleskine)
  • Shade and strap in leather
  • Metal buckle on back
  • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany

Very fine hunting headwear with buckle and skin detail on the back. Warm and cozy cap for a walk through the forest or across the field. Suitable for both men and women!


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This narrow flatcap is made of new wool, with a superbly soft and solid moleskine cotton lining. Handmade by skilled craftspeople in Bavaria, Germany.
Watch short films from the capmaking workshop of Herr Bullmann, who in 2010 started teaching Wilgart how to sew handmade caps. We are proud to have such nice caps in our hat shop here in Denmark. We are the only reseller of caps in the North from Bullani Mützen.

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