Early days look

Early days look

An old-fashioned flatcap is wider and more voluminous than today’s trend. Typically, old caps are fuller, but the recent decades’ focus on streamlined design has made the historic wide caps more and more narrow and modern in shape. But here is a selection of our old-fashioned inspired flatcaps with good volume. Some models that were normal in the early 19th century will today be almost perceived as extravagant. Here is a selection of caps that has a iconic look that get you thinking of a time that once was.

    • Captain’s cap alpaca & leather shade

      • Luxurious wool blend
      • 80% Wool & 20% Alpaca
      • Smooth leather shade
      • Skipper cap details
      • Cotton lining
      • Gold button and black cord are removable
      A real Captain cap, sewn in the finest wool blend with Alpaca and sheep's wool. The skipper's cap is with black cord and gold colored buttons. The deep black colour of the cap with the shine of Alpaca wool, in combination with the smooth goatskin quality, sends a graceful and exclusive look. The Alpaca fibers, which are known for its light weight, high insulation capacity and glossy grace, make the cap clearly appear as a superb quality product. It is handmade by skilled cap makers in Germany, making it a locally produced garment. This cap is also available in navy sheepswool here Captain Skipper cap (blue wool)

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