Early days look

Early days look

An old-fashioned flatcap is wider and more voluminous than today’s trend. Typically, old caps are fuller, but the recent decades’ focus on streamlined design has made the historic wide caps more and more narrow and modern in shape. But here is a selection of our old-fashioned inspired flatcaps with good volume. Some models that were normal in the early 19th century will today be almost perceived as extravagant. Here is a selection of caps that has a iconic look that get you thinking of a time that once was.

    • Dario retro eightpiece cap

      • 100% airy wool fabric
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Vintage look
      • Handmade in Germany
      Today Eightpiece caps are popular, and many people choose to wear them as part of their personal style. The blue summer eightpiece cap is a timeless classic that appears vintage in this 3D effect woven quality cloth. Stop by the Wilgart hat shop and try it for yourself.
    • Sherlock Holmes cap

      • 100% Wool
      • Original cut
      • Houndstooth weaving
      • Padded lining
      • Classic detective hat
      • Ear flaps can be folded down
      The classic Deerstalker cap in exquisite quality, handmade in Germany by my cap teacher Herr Bullmann. Read more about this classic model in our blog post 7 popular caps for the modern man.
    • Anni bell hat

      • 100% Wool
      • Strong boucle weaving
      • Beautiful blue flower
      • Handmade in Germany
      1920s inspired feminine bell hat with blue flower as decoration. The edge can be folded up as needed and expressed, and the inside of the hat is the same blue bouclé wool as the flower. Wear this bell hat if you want an authentic refined look from 1920s - 1930s Europe.
    • Captain Skipper cap (blue wool)

      • 100% Wool
      • Lodenfabric from Gebr. Mehler Tuchfabrik
      • Smooth leather shade
      • Skipper details
      • Cotton lining
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      A real Captain cap, made of 100% pure new wool, with string and buttons. The dark navy blue color of the wool combined with the smooth goatskin quality gives this hat the original and eternal classic look for marines. This captain's cap is also available in a luxury variant of thicker sheep's wool mixed with alpaca wool. See model Captain's cap alpaca & leather shade
    • Starnight cap w. earflaps

      • 70% wool, 20% silk & 10% PES
      • Light shiny fabric but subdued pattern
      • The material is woven in Germany by Schürmann Schröder
      • Slightly wider shape
      • Soft moleskin cotton on the inside of flaps
      • Winter lined
      Our cap with inner ear flaps is slightly wider than most flatcaps in our hat shop. It takes a little extra to fit the ear flaps to fit properly inside the cap. In addition, the earlobes have an incision, which makes the fabric spherical, and ensures that the flaps are snug around your ears and close to head. This cap is sewn according to artisanal traditions, and therefore has the highest standard in comfort and durability. The dark sixpence with earlobes is sewn in our neighbouring country Germany by skilled cap makers with more than 30 years of experience.

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