Early days look

Early days look

An old-fashioned flatcap is wider and more voluminous than today’s trend. Typically, old caps are fuller, but the recent decades’ focus on streamlined design has made the historic wide caps more and more narrow and modern in shape. But here is a selection of our old-fashioned inspired flatcaps with good volume. Some models that were normal in the early 19th century will today be almost perceived as extravagant. Here is a selection of caps that has a iconic look that get you thinking of a time that once was.

    • Karl organic velvet flatcap

      • 100% Organic cotton velvet
      • Thin cotton linings
      • Handmade
      This light brown velvet is organic and certified cotton. The cap is sewn especially for Copenhagen's hat shop Wilgart, which is located on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro. The cap is made in fixed measurements, and according to old craft principles, we have the sixpence cap in every size, and not just every second.

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