Early days look

Early days look

An old-fashioned flatcap is wider and more voluminous than today’s trend. Typically, old caps are fuller, but the recent decades’ focus on streamlined design has made the historic wide caps more and more narrow and modern in shape. But here is a selection of our old-fashioned inspired flatcaps with good volume. Some models that were normal in the early 19th century will today be almost perceived as extravagant. Here is a selection of caps that has a iconic look that get you thinking of a time that once was.

    • Carrie vega skipper velvet cap

      • 100% cotton velvet
      • Vintage hat ribbon
      • Handmade in Sweden
      • Sewn at C.T.h. Ericson's hat factory in Borlänge
      • 60/40 Acetate & viscose lining
      Original and dressy skipper cap in a vintage look. Fine brown velvet cotton wrapped in vintage hat bands, and solid edge of the cap. CTH Ericson has been producing Fiddler, Vega and Captain's caps since the last century, and some call their caps Sweden's most original skipper cap. At Wilgart's hat shop, we are proud to have this Swedish-made cap in our range of hats and headwear.
    • Casparro vintage summer flatcap

      • 60% Cotton 40% Linen
      • Vintage look flatcap
      • Visual and vivid fabric
      • Extraoridnary weave
      • Handmade according to old capmaking traditions
      This very summery flatcap is newly produced but is like pulled out of a 1920-1930s movie. Its distinctive fabric, which has a slight 3D effect to it, is reminiscent of the fabrics woven decades ago. Whether you want to add a touch of nostalgia to your style, or you just want a practical and elegant headdress, this vintage look cotton/linen flatcap can be the perfect choice. A very distinctive cap that will suit most people, both women and men. The hat shop Wilgart is pleased to present a true retro classic flat cap for this season.
    • Marlon Brando Cap

      • 100% heavy cotton canvas
      • Smooth goatskin leather shade
      • Ribbon and button details
      • Top quality cap
      • Original Marlon Brando cap
      The famous Madame Tussauds waxwork exhibit of Brando from the movie ‘The Wild One’ wearing this style. The American actor and film director Marlon Brando Jr. was one of the most admired actors in the history of the movies. Marilyn Monroe called him “the sexiest man” she had ever seen. Marlon Brando's cap has become a cultural phenomenon for the stylistically dressed man. The cap is an eightpiece with loose hanging top, which can be pushed from side to side, as well as stand directly up in the air. The same details were seen in the movie 'The Wild One'. Featuring 8/4, eight-quarter paneling, a center top button and a contrasting black shiny leather bill, finished with canvas cotton band and buttons. Beautiful old craft. This wide eightpiece is durable and robust. The cap was Marlon Brando's original signature headgear. Also look at our Mr. Brando vintage cap which is the same model in a black canvas instead of this beige colored type.
    • José Picasso extra wide flatcap

      • Black heavy cotton
      • Viscose linings
      • Very wide and almost artistic piece of headgear
      • Handmade in Germany by Herr Bullmann
      This black wide flatcap model is a vintage inspired cap. Back in the early 1900s, this kind of very wide flatcaps was the common standard. Our wide models are must-have flatcaps for anyone who opposes the streamlining and aerodynamic design that is spreading in post-modern society. The wide and voluminous cap will get your styling level to the absolute top. This type of cap sets new limits for an almost extravagant exclusive artistic look.
    • Mr. Brando vintage cap

      • 100% heavy cotton canvas
      • Smooth goatskin leather shade
      • Ribbon and button details
      • Top quality cap
      • Black version of Marlon Brando cap
      A motorcycle cap in cotton canvas and leather made in classic retro style. Made from high-quality natural materials such as sturdy canvas, leather vesir, cotton lining and cotton sweatband. It has a decorative ribbon over the shade and 2 decorative buttons. A good choice together with a retro motorcycle, but can also be used in the harbour, in the workshop or on the hay loft. This black vintage black eightpiece cap is available in fixed sizes from large to small centimeters. The cap has a loose hanging puld, which can be pushed from side to side, as well as stand directly up in the air. The cap is inspired by our beige/black Marlon Brando Cap. With 8/4 pieces of fabric, a large button on top, and a black shiny glossy leather shade, made with canvas cotton bands and buttons on the side. Beautiful old craft. This wide eightpiece is durable and robust. The Sahara colored Marlon Brando cap was the original signature headgear in the film 'The Wild One'. See the cap in beige canvas here: Marlon Brando Cap
    • Water repellent cotton flatcap

      The fabric is water resistant but made of 100% cotton. The extra long cotton fiber fibers are gimped into solid threads and woven with a patented weaving technique. The treatment causes the water to bounce off without any plastic membrane or chemical coating. A unique fabric made in Switzerland. Read more about ETA-Proof here
      • 100% ETA-proof cotton
      • Cotton lining
      • Natural water repellent
      • Different headsizes in cm
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      The secret to the amazing weather resistant cap lies in the production of the fabric, which uses the top 2% of the longest cotton fibers in the world. This water-repellent dark blue flatcap, is water resistant for some hours of moderate rain. However, it is not Water proof like (some) rainclothes are. The fabric provides good comfort because cotton as you might know, is a top fiber in terms of comfort and breathability.

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