• Viva Revolution leather cap

      • Genuine goatskin leather
      • 100% Cotton lining
      • Soft antique finish on the leather
      • A timeless classic Army cap
      • Robust and durable
      • Great patina ability
      This army style cap is made from goat skin. The so called cuba cap has a slightly smaller shade and originally originates from the kepi cap. The leather cap is available in different centimeter sizes. We make caps for small, medium, large and extra large head sizes. A true classic among cap connoisseurs, and here in a luxurious version which is both more durable and delivers a better patina than the synthetic oilskin army caps with stay-wax, that we often locate in the streets of Copenhagen.
    • Cabana Lasso black cuba cap

      • 50% cotton, 35% modal & 15% flax
      • 100% Cotton lining
      • Veg. Tanned cowhide leather strap from German cows.
      • A timeless classic black army cap
      • Summer cap
      This army cap is made of 100% natural fibers. This military style cap has a shade that fits the shape of the cap, as well as an adjustable strap at the back. Although the cap can be adjusted in size, we still make a S, M L and XL version of it. These sizes will then scale the cap up or down to fit your head perfectly. With the strap, the last centimeter can be adjusted so that the fit of the cuba cap is correct. As a well-stocked hat shop, we have headgear from small to extra large headsizes.

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