65 cm

65 cm
    • Sailor Willey (black wool)

      • 100% Wool
      • Rich saturated black color
      • Capsizes measured in centimeters
      • Smooth lining
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This lightweight sailing hat is made of pure new wool.On the inside the mickihat has a sparkling red viscose lining with black colored outer fabric. The style is called Sailor cap, or among musicians it’s also refereed to as a Jazz cap, skullcap or mickihat. The sailorcap has no brim, thus very useful on the windy oceans of the world. It’s a headwear style traditionally worn by sailors and dockers. An old classic for sailors. Read more about the sailorcap in our blog post 7 popular caps for the modern man

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