57 cm

57 cm
    • Water repellent cotton flatcap

      The fabric is water resistant but made of 100% cotton. The extra long cotton fiber fibers are gimped into solid threads and woven with a patented weaving technique. The treatment causes the water to bounce off without any plastic membrane or chemical coating. A unique fabric made in Switzerland. Read more about ETA-Proof here
      • 100% ETA-proof cotton
      • Cotton lining
      • Natural water repellent
      • Different headsizes in cm
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      The secret to the amazing weather resistant cap lies in the production of the fabric, which uses the top 2% of the longest cotton fibers in the world. This water-repellent dark blue flatcap, is water resistant for some hours of moderate rain. However, it is not Water proof like (some) rainclothes are. The fabric provides good comfort because cotton as you might know, is a top fiber in terms of comfort and breathability.
    • Lotto Cashmere

      • 100% Cashmere Wool
      • Quilted lining
      • Luxurious headgear
      • Natural fibres from Cashmere goats and pashmina goats
      • Good insulation properties
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This grey sixpence is made from one of the most luxurious fibers you can imagine. The softness of the fabric and the shiny appearance of the cap give it an exclusive look. Cashmere wool is finer, stronger, lighter, softer and about three times more insulating than sheep's wool. The subtle pattern in weaving a black and white colors make this cap appear gray flecked. The fabric for the cap is woven in one of only 4 fabricmills left in Germany. Schürmann Schröder textile mill is managed by the 18th generation of the family. Great traditional craftsmanship is put into this very exclusive and luxurious flatcap from 100% pure cashmere wool.
    • Arne’s Panama Hat

      • Hand-braided in Ecuador
      • Real Panama Hat
      • Supplied by the hatperson Herr Saietz from Hattekompagniet
      Excellent summer hat in straw for the warm and sunny days. Can be used for both formal and informal events. Light and airy hat with a not too large brim.
    • Shacky Brown Suede Flatcap

      • 100% Suede leather from Goat
      • Cotton lining
      • Soft and light
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      Real leather flatcap in a nice almond colored light brown suede. This flatcap has a light charismatic brown color, and a relatively wide shape that will give the cap's owner some character. It is a classic piece of headgear previously worn by booth mafiosos, by musicians and those in between. Without flashing, the cap fits right in the eye to any suiting shabby and relaxed style. Artisan quality cap.
    • Buffon Newsboy linen cap

      • 100% Flax / Linen
      • Thin checked cotton lining
      • Classic 8-piece cap
      • Detail stitching in dark brown contrast thread
      Versatile newsboy cap in dark blue linen fabric. Lined with airy and light cotton. Both linen and cotton are especially suitable for the summer semester, as the flax fibers of the cap are airy and can absorb booth heat and moisture. In Wilgart's flatcap shop we only sell true craftsmanship. This cap is sewn in southern Germany by my master herr Bullmann, who has more than 30 years of experience in making headwear. The semi-heavy flax as a outer shell is sturdy and suitable for brushing. Read more about cap maintenance and see our utensils under: How to wash your cap
    • Harold sixpence – classic men’s fashion cap

      • 100% Silk
      • Lightweight summer flatcap
      • Main size measured in centimeters
      • Thin cotton linings
      • Handmade by master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This classic sixpence is a bit wider and rounder than our modern narrow models. Which makes the shape look more traditional and classic. The flatcap is made of luxury silk, and can be worn by anyone who wants an authentic look and a cap that responds to classic men's/women's fashion. The cap's dense pattern gives a vivid optical play up close, and a nice brown hue when viewing from a distance. Silk, is known for beeing more glassy and graceful than the matte fibers such as wool or cotton. Read about cap maintenance of silk caps here:
    • Fedora black rabit felthat

      • 100% Rabbit hair felt
      • Black ribbon w. bow
      • Bornholm granite hat pin
      • Silk lining
      • Leather strap
      • Handmade in Denmark
        From the company Andersen & Berner comes here one of the classic men's (and lady) hats, namely a Fedora filthat in rabbit hair. The weight for the felt is about 90-100 g. which gives a light but still stable felt, which holds shape and look very well. The fedora is garnished with a black hat loop and silk lining. The lining can be easily taken out and washed. The hat comes including beautiful hat pin with a piece of real Bornholm granite stone. Choose from Almindingen, Paradise Hills or Rønne granite stone. Please sign order details what type of granite hat pin you want. Height: 11 - 12 cm Rim: 6 cm  
    • Bogart black wool felt fedora hat

      • 100% Wool felt
      • Interchangeable multicolored hat bands
      • Handmade in Denmark
        From the company Andersen & Berner comes one of the classic men's (and lady) hats, namely a Bogart filthat in sheep's wool. Sheep wool felt felt is heavier than the slightly more resilient felt types such as rabbit or even the luxurious beaver felt hats. Nevertheless, wool felt costs less, and is therefore a good approach for beginners or people who are considering starting to wear a hat. You can buy the interchangeable hat bands, which are available in 6 different colors. Optional you can get a nice black hat box or a hat pin to decorate your bogart hat with a piece of real Bornholm granite stone. Height: 11 - 12.5 cm Rim: 5.5 cm Weight: The wool felt has a weight of about 150 grams  
    • Kevin Flatcap GOTS organic flax linnen

      Flatcap in strong and durable GOTS certified linen fabric, with eco cotton linings and headband.
      • 100% organic flax (GOTS)
      • Eco cotton linings
      • The fabric is woven in Austria
      • Sustainable flatcap
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      It is a real joy that Wilgart capshop can offer this forward-thinking sustainable hat product. A narrow modern flatcap in GOTS certified organic flax, handmade in Germany by European raw materials. The outer fabric is medium/heavy weaving in ecological linen. The lining and the headband inside is in organic cotton. The cap color is blue/white treads woven together into a blue-gray hue.
    • Chartan Willy flat cap

      • 100% Wool
      • Soft Moleskine cotton linings
      • The fabric is woven in Scotland
      • Solid and good cap craftsmanship
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      The rusty autumn colours on this vibrant flat cap are great for a stroll in the woodland or in the local park. The fabric has classic references to tartan patterns. The cap is made of woollen fabric that is fibre dyed, spun and woven in Scotland. A flatcap sewn by skilled craftsmen in southern Germany.
    • Viva Revolution leather cap

      • Genuine goatskin leather
      • 100% Cotton lining
      • Soft antique finish on the leather
      • A timeless classic Army cap
      • Robust and durable
      • Great patina ability
      This army style cap is made from goat skin. The so called cuba cap has a slightly smaller shade and originally originates from the kepi cap. The leather cap is available in different centimeter sizes. We make caps for small, medium, large and extra large head sizes. A true classic among cap connoisseurs, and here in a luxurious version which is both more durable and delivers a better patina than the synthetic oilskin army caps with stay-wax, that we often locate in the streets of Copenhagen.
    • Mr. Daryl’s driver cap

      • Mixed Fibers
      • Cotton lining
      • Extraordinary pattern
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This narrow sixpence cap is for the courageous man or lady. A cap that will cause a stir on promenade walks along Hornbæk harbour, in Kongens Lyngby, or even on a stroll down Købmagergade on Strøget. The hat will safely guide you through the crowd, and is named, after an American Olympic Fencing fighter. Mr. Daryl Homer. We recommend brushing the cap regularly with our Cap and Hat Brush with shaft.
    • José Picasso extra wide flatcap

      • Black heavy cotton
      • Viscose foer
      • Very wide and almost artistic piece of headgear
      • Handmade in Germany by Herr Bullmann
      This black wide flatcap model is a vintage inspired cap. Back in the early 1900s, this kind of very wide flatcaps was the common standard. Our wide models are must-have flatcaps for anyone who opposes the streamlining and aerodynamic design that is spreading in post-modern society. The wide and voluminous cap will get your styling level to the absolute top. This type of cap sets new limits for an almost extravagant exclusive artistic look.
    • Steward Basecap with lining

      • 50% Flax & 50% Wool
      • Leather on the cap's shade
      • Summer and autumn cap
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Cap was crafted in Germany
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann
      This baseball cap is dressy for both men and women. The light and airy linen, combined with the fine qualities of the wool, gives the cap good properties in terms of comfort and durability. It is locally produced by skilled craftsmen at Master Bullmann. The shade of the cap is made of real leather, and therefore achieves fine patina through many years of use. Give this hat in a gift to him or her who loves good craftsmanship, quality and headwear.
    • Charto Flatcap w. leather

      • 100% Wool
      • Thin cotton lining
      • Leather cap shade
      • Detail buckle on back
      Nice summer flatcap in the narrow cut. Can be worn by men and women, and used in winter, spring and summer seasons. Artisan quality made cap. The brown leather on the shade is a good contrast to the bright brown miniature patterned wool. A cap suitable for at least 10 out of 12 months of the year, in Danish weather... Only the coldest months, do we hatshop people recommend a very good Danish winter cap instead.
    • Herr Grassa

      • 100% Virgin Wool
      • Earflaps inside
      • Moleskine plush cotton lining
      • Classic Herringbone weave
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      This classic sixpence headwear is made from strong, light and insulating sheep wool. The herringbone woven grey and black threads blend into a perfect and always flattering gray cap. This style also is available without the earflaps. Look at the variant Herr Günther
    • Guda Svensson Peluche flatcap

      • 100% Wool
      • Quilted winter lining
      • Classic tartan check
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      Flatcap headgear of durable, light and insulating sheep's wool. We also sell the matching butterfly Guda Bowtie here. The bow tie is NOT included when buying this cap. These two proiductes are sold separate. For washing instructions on how to treat and clean this wool cap visit our Cap maintenance section.
    • Mr. Heider

      • 100% Wool
      • Quilted lining
      • Classic herringbone weaving
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This classic wide and oldschool sixpence headwear is made from durable, light and insulating sheep wool. The herringbone woven white and black threads blend into a perfect and everlasting gray surface in herringbone strucure. Our cap store has many classic flatcaps in the popular herringbone weaving. Common to our sixpences in herringbone is that the wool is always woven in Scotland, and comes from British or Scottish sheep.
    • Eddie Basecap w. Earflaps

      • 100% Harris Tweed Wool
      • Lambskin ear flaps
      • Quilted lining inside
      • High quality cap for winter
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This baseball cap comes with warm and soft ear flaps in real lambskin. The original Harris Tweed wool is hand woven on the Outer Hebrides according to old traditions of weaving. The cap is of the highest quality. It's the best winter hat you can imagine! A more beautiful basecap with lambskin and ear warmers to keep the cold at the door is not found on this earth. Guaranteed. Can be pre-ordered if you want a specific size we do not have in stock. Please call us ahead.
    • Marlon Brando Cap

      • 100% heavy cotton canvas
      • Smooth goatskin leather shade
      • Ribbon and button details
      • Top quality cap
      • Original Marlon Brando cap
      The famous Madame Tussauds waxwork exhibit of Brando from the movie ‘The Wild One’ wearing this style. The American actor and film director Marlon Brando Jr. was one of the most admired actors in the history of the movies. Marilyn Monroe called him “the sexiest man” she had ever seen. Marlon Brando's cap has become a cultural phenomenon for the stylistically dressed man. The cap is an eightpiece with loose hanging top, which can be pushed from side to side, as well as stand directly up in the air. The same details were seen in the movie 'The Wild One'. Featuring 8/4, eight-quarter paneling, a center top button and a contrasting black shiny leather bill, finished with canvas cotton band and buttons. Beautiful old craft. This wide eightpiece is durable and robust. The cap was Marlon Brando's original signature headgear.
    • Hagbard blue flatcap

      • 100% Wool
      • Moleskine thick and soft cotton linings
      • Blue and black colors
      • Different sizes by head circumference
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      This flatcap is narrow and with its timeless look, would match everyone wearing a suit or shirt. The classic Herringbone woven wool, is suitable for business suits but also less formal occasions. Works well as wedding cap, or birthday present flatcap. For men and women at all age. Drop by our cap shop and see this woolen cap in authentic herringbone weave. The supply of fabric originates from Scotland and is of solid quality.
    • Jimbo 8-piece bakerboy cap

      • 55% Wool & 45% Silk
      • Lightweight plaid
      • Sizes measured in centimeters
      • Viscose lining
      • Handmade by Master Bullmann in Germany
      The traditional bakerboy flatcap, handmade in Germany. Comes in sizerange from XS to XXL. Read more about the style in our blogpost (Danish) 7 populære kasketter for den moderne mand
    • Kenny Woolen Baseball cap

      • 70% Wool, 20% Silk & 10% PA
      • 100% Moleskine cotton lining
      • A grey and black baseball cap
      • Different head sizes in centimeters measure
      The fine wool in combination with the real craftsmanship makes this piece of headgear a true cap dream. The baseball cap is meant to keep your head safe and warm for many years to come. This durable product should be usable for at least half a decade! Wool is suitable for both rainy days, and windy summer nights, as well as rougher weather conditions, such as snow or hailstones. The inside of this cap is covered with the lining of a massive soft moleskine cotton fabric. Handmade in Germany with honorable craftsmanship and empathy.
    • Captain Skipper cap (blue wool)

      • 100% Wool
      • Smooth leather shade
      • Skipper details
      • Cotton lining
      • Handmade by Master Herr Bullmann in Germany
      A real Captain cap, made of 100% pure new wool, with string and buttons. The dark navy blue color of the wool combined with the smooth goatskin quality gives this hat the original and eternal classic look for marines.
    • Kano blue linen flat cap

      9.5% 7,0067,00 67,00
      • 100% Flax / Linen
      • Blue summer color
      • Cotton linings
      • Handmade in Germany according to new herritage tradition
      Classic narrow flatcap, handmade by skilled seamsons in Bavaria, Germany. Beautiful brown sewing thread detail. Comes in fixed main dimensions that suit everyone with extra small heads right up to those who need an extra large cap.

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