Cap hanger (wall mount)
Cap hanger (wall mount)

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150 DKK400 DKK

  • Made for booth Hats & Caps
  • Aesthetic storage for caps on your wall
  • Handcrafted in Wilgart’s own basement workshop in Denmark
  • Delivered with one double threaded screw Torx 15 and M6 diameter
  • Burnmarked Wilgart logo


The cap hanger  serves well and is found very pleasing to use. It has that sort of emotional design enjoyment about it. While you swing your cap off the head, this hanger reassures that it always has a place to stay when not worn, thus offering a peaceful mind to all capbearers. Designed and manufactured by Silas Skram. Handmade in Denmark.

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A practical hanger to put your cap on. Comes with a double threaded screw for easy wall mount.
Wilgart designed these hangers for customers that don’t own a hat rack.

Can hang on booth wooden, concrete, gips or other wall materials.


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