Mori Koichiro

Mori is a Japan based performance artist, worldfamous for his robotic moves, and constantly exploring boundaries between mechanic and organic movement of the body. Mori has a great experience in music videos, theatric perfomance, koncerts and more. He supplies every project with great creativity and energy.

Visual identity & logo

Leon Sloth

Back in 2013 when Wilgart was in search for an appealing logo and profound visual identity, we had several meetings with font designer and senior art director Leon Sloth. He is a strong visual observer and idea generator, with much experience in exposing the heart of a company, and turning that into a beautifully custom-made logo, and strives for creative solutions to every challenge he is facing.

Video projects

Rasmus Preston

Rasmus Preston is a talented Danish based film producer and photographer. We have been collaborating with him in various video projects, and his early contributions, as a Wilgarts storyteller is a true treasure for us.

Meyer Li

Meyer Li productions created these beautiful footages from the Wilgart headwear factory in Copenhagen. The video production reveals aesthetic sense and Meyer Li has a playful creative spirit she puts into her work.


Nicolai Egense

Nicolai Egense is a Danish based photographer, with a lot of experience in potraits that that embed stories of people and places. Collaborating with Mr. Egense is always a pleasurable constallation, while simultaneously together we are creating a professional and well composited outcome.

Nicolai Egense’s work here

Get involved?

Internship & Apprenticeship

We are currently looking for one angaged student from either Marketing, Patternmaking or Design. Please read more here:

English version.pdf

Dansk version.pdf


We are currently looking for partnerships with companies that provide distribution and sales, and we provide the production of products and storytelling and video-content about the product. Please notice that we do not offer white-label solutions.


Silas Gärtner

Silas Wilhelm Gärtner is the designer, founder and manager of Wilgart, a well-equipped hatshop and workshop in Copenhagen, and a new build capmaking facility on Bornholm. Wilgart is the only capmaker producing headwear in Denmark.

Silas did apprenticeship in Germany as a headwear tailor in 2010. Wilgart was established in 2013. Wilgart is a contraction of Silas’ middle name, Wilhelm, and his surname, Gärtner.

Silas holds a bachelor in Design & Sustainable Purchase within the textile industry and also Cand.IT degree in Digital Design & Communication from the IT-University of Copenhagen.